FlyingW Creative Services

Technical Services

WordPress Site Creation

We can provide a range of services to help get your site launched. We do recommend Pressable managed WordPress for your hosting solution. Need an enterprise-level solution? We recommend WordPress VIP

WordPress Updates

Core WordPress, plugins, and themes are updated on a regular basis, but managing those updates can be problematic for non-technical staff. We can help.

Content Management

Not comfortable managing your content or need help understanding how WordPress works? We can help.

Consultation Services


Making sure your website is available to all users is not only the right thing to do, it also improves the bottom line. We can help you make sure your website doesn’t hinder access to anybody.

Plain Language

Part of accessibility is making sure that when your content is accessed, people understand it. Minimizing jargon and language only you understand is key.


We currently do not offer design services, but we can provide consultation on design and usability.