I love typography and what is possible through combining the right font with a design, but more often than not on the web, you need your content to be legible for the average reader, not some over-the-top design that makes it difficult to read or comprehend. To that end, I typically reach for a sans serif font, and lately, that font has been Public Sans. This font is managed by the US Government General Services Administration and is a fork of Libre-Franklin. While there are hundreds of other fonts that could fit the bill, this just hits the mark. The font is available for download and is also included in Google Fonts. I am trying to learn how to have it added to Adobe Fonts.

Font Pairings

This font came into being as part of the US Web Design System (USWDS) which includes a few additional font families that pair well. I have found that Source Serif Pro, not included in the USWDS, is my preferred choice when a serif font is needed.