CodeSnippets used to be my favorite plugin for adding custom code, but in its ten years of existence, it seems to have only matured slightly. Today they announced the launch of their pro version doesn’t seem to add much out of the box, with some of the pro features still marked as coming soon. Newer tools such as Scripts Organizer (DPlugins), Advanced Scripts, and wpCodeBox have far surpassed this tool with current and coming soon features such as SaSS support, SaSS partials, timing conditions, and more. An LTD intro price of $189 (249 normal) makes it the most expensive of the group — albeit far less than originally stated — and the use of Freemius for license management does make it even less enjoyable. I am giving it a test run but first impressions point to a refund request fairly fast (14-day money-back guarantee).

Follow up: as promised, their no questions asked refund policy is smooth, friendly, and painless. The only trouble was figuring out how to submit it. I replied to the welcome email and less than 12 hours later, the refund was processed.