I have been a subscriber of the Pinegrow tool for a couple of years now, but have never really taken the time to use it, but that is probably going to change very soon. On September 28, Pinegrow announced by way of a sneak peek video from Adam Lowe of Peak Performance Digital that the theme and plugin functionality of the desktop editor was going to be available as a plugin within WordPress. Before you start shaking your head and saying to yourself,” great, another page builder,” stop. This new capability is intended for designers and coders, not content people or the drag-and-drop community, and Adam made a video to dispel any doubts. This will allow you to build a theme and blocks that only use the native WordPress features that you can then make available to your clients. The beauty is that it is white-label by default, and once a project is complete, you can uninstall the Pinegrow plugin with no impact on the theme or block plugins you create — no lock-in at all.

I see a lot of uses for this and especially for standardized websites for government agencies or truly bespoke websites.

I can envision my future WordPress deployment to be the following:

  • Pinegrow to build the theme and blocks (remove when complete)
  • Scripts Organizer
  • Instant Images
  • Rank Math
  • Wicked Folders
  • Perfmatters
  • Novashare
  • Jetpack (provided by host)
  • Akismet (provided by host)
  • Formidable Forms (when needed)
  • Meta Box AIO (when needed)
  • wpDataTables (when needed)
  • wpGridBuilder (when needed)